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Better Impression helps tens of millions of unique B2B and B2C users from around the world make better-informed decisions online. Our personalization engine learns the users’ preferences and assists them in selecting the best online services.

Our advanced matching techniques use big data analysis, machine learning and innovative user targeting. We leverage these technologies to individualize suggestions to our users, allowing them to discover and connect with brands that best suit their needs. We do this in a variety of online industries such as Personal & Business Finance, Website Services, Online Dating, Insurance, SaaS and more.

By targeting the most qualified users, we help our business partners gain high-quality traffic. The exact user-service match allows our partners to enjoy extremely high customer loyalty and retention rates.

Our partners include the top brands in each industry such as: LendingTree, Match.com, Wix, Norton, Ancestry.com, Quicken, Square and 500+ other leading brands.

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How We Do It

Our proprietary sites provide high-quality digital content such as rankings, expert reviews, and side-by-side product comparisons. We partner with hundreds of top enterprise brands in dozens of online verticals.

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As a leading performance-based marketing startup we rely on cutting edge technology to target relevant leads and drive high quality traffic to our business partners. Our sophisticated data collection and processing technology is at the heart of all the targeted marketing campaigns we run.

Our Team

At Better Impression we believe in informed decisions, optimizing campaigns, and we’re not afraid of taking risks. We’re analytical, creative and understand what works online.

Our team is comprised of PPC experts who tackle various campaigns, copywriters who bring them to life, and developers who make sure our website and applications run smoothly. We encourage collaboration between colleagues and thrive without micro-management.

We’re located in the heart of Tel-Aviv, near tons of great restaurants, and we love ping-pong, dogs, and nerf guns. We’re also pretty cool and don’t bite so if you want to join us…

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Why Better Impression


Over 80% of shoppers conduct online research before buying a product or service. These shoppers are looking for unbiased reviews and side-by-side product comparison to help them make better decisions.

Better Impression understands that no two consumers are alike, which is why we tailor our digital marketing accordingly. This is digital marketing that never misses a target. This is digital marketing that works. This is digital marketing with a difference!

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