Python Full-Stack Developer

Tel Aviv

About The Position

We are looking for the person:

  • Passionate to produce the piece of art code.
  • Experienced to make it simple, readable and reusable.
  • Agile to work on multiple parallel tasks.

You will have to:

  • Develop and improve back-end web-applications built on Flask
  • Create Serverless Applications built on AWS Lambda and API Gateway.
  • Autotest your code and CR code of colleagues
  • Invent much more cool things (APIs, Data Analysis, ML, CD DevOps).

You have to know:

  • Python high level
  • How does the internet work (HTTP, DNS, Web-servers, Web-applications)
  • HTML, DOM (elements, styles, events), CSS, JS


Required experience:

  • AWS Services
  • Automated Testing tools

Good to have experience at least with some of:

  • Flask or Django
  • SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Continuous Delivery and tools
  • Experienced Linux User

If you show some of your code on GitHub (or in person during the interview) you get bonus points no matter if we like your code or not.

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